GraphQL API: Filter by entity description field?

I’m struggling to filter entities based on the ‘description’ field with the GraphQL API. The ‘description’ is not appearing as a selectable field in the GraphQL API explorer, but it does auto-complete, which is confusing.

In my example “Cat Tracker” test database, I get the description text when I select the description and specify markdown format (via description {md}), but I can’t filter on ‘description’ or getting an Unknown argument "description" on field "Query.findCatTrackers" error.

Even simpler, is it possible to filter entities based on the presence (or absence) of a description?

Here is an example query that I tried:

query {  
  findCatTrackers (description: {md: {isNot: ""}}) {
    description {

Here is a video showing what I am trying to do:

Hi, @Dimitri_S

Thanks for feedback. Indeed the rich text field is not available as search criterion for now. Can’t say when it will be possible. As workaround the automations which set an additional primitive entity fields can be used as workaround. Sorry for inconvenience.