Automation triggered when the end or start date of a date field is reached

Hi !
i have been lately trying to achieve a notification system that when an entity has reached a start or an end date of a date field a notification will be sent, however after multiple attempts i realized that this is not possible.
So i came up with a solution which includes adding a new automation “when” option of date fields that allows to select the end or the start date as the trigger action, meaning that when the date is the same as the current date (now) the action is activated.
I’m not a web developer so i don’t know the technicality behind the creation of this feature, but i assume this shouldn’t be very hard to create.

Hm, in fact, the case you shared has to be covered
For example, you can run the On schedule rule.
That checks every day (with filter), whether the End day is Today
And if this happens, it sends a notification. Have you tried that approach already?

Based on the previous discussion, I’m assuming that @A_Sleman means triggering with a resolution down to minutes or seconds.

Yes that is correct, however the functionality I’m suggesting doesn’t have to repeat on a schedule