Recurring task with end date

I have a question about recurring tasks. we are trying to set up an automation that creates a recurring task, in our case monthly, to track the progress of a project after our services are completed (anywhere from 6 - 18 months). We need to have the automation only work up to a specific end date. Ideally, this would just be an “On Schedule” automation with an end date. is there some way to do this purely with automations?

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to set an end date for an automation that runs on a schedule.

You could possibly achieve something similar by using a formula field to trigger an automation instead.
For example, a formula field that calculates whether a month has elapsed since the date of a Task, and an automation to run when this field becomes true, which creates another Task with a new date.

You can add a filter in the automation to only run if the Task’s date is less than a specific deadline (which would need to be one month before the last allowable date for a new Task).