Overdue task formula

Hi !
I have been trying for a while to create an overdue date formula where the state is true if the end date of a date property is before now.
If someone can help me i would be grateful

EndDate < Today()

Or if you mean the end date of a date range

Date.End() < Today()

Note: you can’t use Now() (a value with current date and time) in formula fields, but you can in automations


I i would like to clarify, that I am trying to create a view for undone tasks that their end date have passed the current time by seconds or minutes (not by days),
and i am using 1 date field with en date functionality.

The best you can do in that case is to use an automation that runs every hour and checks which tasks have become overdue and mark a checkbox field accordingly.
It’s not possible to get resolution better than every hour.

Hi thank you for you advice
but i can’t seem to figure out how to create the automation formula for it, if you can help help me through it or point me in the direction to learn automation formulas, i would be grateful.
Just out of curiosity, why is the now() function only available in the automation formulas, and why is hourly rate the best resolution?

Here’s what an automation might look like:

Formulas for automations are basically the same as formulas for fields, except that in an automation formula

  • you refer to the entity that triggered the automation, using [Step 1 Xxx] (as seen above)
  • you can use the Now() function
  • you can perform ‘entity queries’ - they allow you to query any database in the workspace, e.g. Tasks.Filter(State.Name = "Done")

Automations and formulas run on the Fibery backend.
If a formula field included Now() (which changes every second) then the formula would need recalculating every second. This would overload the service.
Similarly, it would be unmanageable to have automations that re-ran every second. It was decided that allowing every hour would be acceptable.

In our planning space we have a checkbox that’s getting checked when a task is overdue. Therefore whe’re using the following formula.

(Due date < Today()) and (State.Final != true)

This way you can create a view to only show tasks with the checkbox checked.
You can also colorcode those tasks in your other views so they stand out.

Maybe this is what you’ve been looking for.

Hi thank you for your suggestion
but unfortunately this is not what I’m looking for I’m looking for, i want the checkbox to be checked as soon as the end date of a task has passed the current time not the current day.

Thank you for explaining