Trigger automation on specific date


is it possible to trigger an automation depending on a specific date field?

Our Idea:
we want to trigger a func outside of fibery via webhook. I would like to implement it that way that it could be directly send or that the user is setting an specific dateTime field, when it should be triggert.

After that I would create an additional entity with this specific date field. So it would be something like a waiting list.
The trigger for the automation I’m searching for is that on this date the webhook automation got triggert without any additional update trigger.

I think this does not exist right now, but does somebody have a workaround or at least an idea what I could do?

Greetings Lukas

You can create a formula field Date = Today() and trigger when it is updated and becomes true.

But then I need to update this entity every day till it’s true.
If I want to check for Now() every hour.

No, you don’t need to update it every day. The formula will update automatically.
We don’t have Now() in formulas for just that reason - it would be updating itself every second.
If you want to check something every hour, use a scheduled automation.

Ah perfect now I got it!
Thanks a lot again :slight_smile: