Automatic add of "Completed Date" on an Entity

Hi again Guys,

I was very happy to see recently the addition of both the “created date” and “Created by” static fields in Fibery. This is essential information inside an entity.

One additional piece of information that would really help start to build some excellent reporting would be “date closed.” Since you already have the Workflow extension having a special status for “closed,” if you could also automatically populate that date it would be very useful:

  • With formulas, you could then get a new date field showing the difference between things like start vs. completed date, planned due date vs. completed date, and other very useful information for running projects

  • This is essential information around Task Management, so being able to see when a task “closes” is of huge benefit.

If this is something I can do on my own with a button, so perhaps a button to “close” the entity, which would also have the automation of writing the date when that happens in a date field, could you let me know about that? This would be a reasonably simple workaround I think.

Thanks Guys!


Did you figure out how to do this with an action button? If not, can I help? I think it’s relatively easy.

Chris, thank you. I have not had a chance to get back to that. I will look at that soon though as I am very eager to explore buttons more readily, have not done so yet but they have huge potential.

I was wondering, if you have time, what you think of this similar request? Would really like to get some Dependency-like functionality built, before it becomes more native (that was another nice feature of TargetProcess!).


I’ll reply in the other page

And thanks for the help in the other thread.

So I wanted to look at this some more now, if you have some time, do you know how to do this? Strikes me as easier than the Dependency-solution I was looking for in the other post, but I think also we have an issue that the button can’t “see” into Workflow, at least yet? And thus won’t be able to do anything with that field?


I’ve combined it with the dependency button and created an app. Check out the other page.

Ok thanks Chris I will take a look at these!

I’m glad that we can make this work with a button, but i think the workflow fields should introduce at least a completion/done date field to the entity. We need it more and more for sorting completed tasks… it’s not great to relate on scripts for this.

Is it that you want to be able to sort completed tasks according to their completion date?
Assuming you don’t make changes to a task after it is completed, you could just sort according to Modification Date instead, combined with a filter of State == “Done” perhaps.

That is a poor assumption to make. As tickets can be modified after development is complete.

This is a major issue when creating reports. Without a completion date auto-populating, it is nearly impossible to create charts that monitor weekly velocity. Even your cumulative flow and burn-down charts are not fully accurate using a modification date.

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I agree with this. Some more world-class Dev Tools auto-populate that information, I think it would be great to have this in Fibery, possibly with an extension, or an automation/action that could do this.

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I’m pretty sure this is prime application of the full automation once it gets released. I have been needing this as well, but have assumed that it would be solved by automation. I think much of what has been discussed in Proper workflow should be able to be accomplished as well. Event-based automations within Fibery are going to open up a lot of new opportunities.


This is definitely possible now with the preview of automations (now named Rules it appears), combined with the formula field support recently added.

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BTW, Rules went live today, they are in beta, but should work fine.

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