App knowlege basewiki , record list , feedfackelp app

Before the release I think there is need for an application for wiki simple knowledge base, simple record lists, linked to another application also helps the database, this comunoty
knowlegge with precise keywords hastags linked to the feedback form of the help community, already done code, I hope this application does not third party product pary. With well done item tems categaries and topics of base twnolwedge also need simple community feedback help, no help desk type, this is not case of specific use of other doc docs app, bur more userfriendly app, similar an already planned blog site , etc. the feedback between two 3 app are undefined in the best differential, record list, simly knowledge base and simple feedback forum all linked also
These 03 App can be easily made possible with already in the resuse code, can be done easily, I would like to use it to test also so firm feedback forum was well done with very dynamic coluredd meesages. The separate app registration list can help the best integrates, this the user can easily reuse it, as such, is that I miss eventhoug spend hours is not able to use app where the lists, field docs, etity also musch summaries to make a real use of the good seveal application already well done. Fiberyio, can be used by seral no code develer, as is the moral generation; but there is a tool for the intgrartes, where the small business needs to invest huge money that does not have