Fibery userfriendly report app before release

Before release i think that there is need for an app for wiki simple knowledge base , simple record lists , linked to other app too helpfeedbacks the knwolgebase, This comunoty
knowlegge with hastags key words need to linked to your fiberly help comunity feedback form , you already code made , I hope this not third pary product app .With well made item tems categaries and topics of twnolwedge based need also simple help comunity feedback , not help desk type , This is not espeific use case of the other wiki docs app , bur App more userfriendly , similar one already planed blog site etc . the feedback bettween two 3 app are indeeed fibery app the best diferencial , record list , simly knowledge base and simple feedback forum all linked too
These 03 App can be easily made possible with on already resuse code , can be made easily , i wish to use it test it too thus firely feedback forum was well done with coluredd meesages very dynamic one .The record list app seperated can help to better integrates , this the user can easily reuse it as such this is i get lost eventhoug spend hours not able to use app where the lists , field docs , etity too musch abstracts to one make real use of seveal good app already well done . Fiberyio , can be ued by seral non code develer , as it s moral gera; but there is tool to intgrartes , where the small comany need to investe huge money they do not have

Before the release I think there is need for an application for wiki simple knowledge base, simple record lists, linked to another application also helps the database, this comunoty
knowlegge with precise keywords hastags linked to the feedback form of the help community, already done code, I hope this application does not need third party apps. With well done item, categaries and topics of knowledge base
fibery report article too also need simple community feedback help, no help desk type, this is not case of specific use of other doc docs app, bur more userfriendly app, similar an already planned blog site , etc. the feedback between 3 as seperate app are undefined
1.Record list app ,
2,knowledge base app and forum app all linked also
These 03 App need to well inegrated via links app as this can be easily made possible with already in the resuse code,

, I would like to use it and also help to test this integrated app so firm feedback forum was well done with very dynamic colured messages. The separate app registration list can help user not only integrate, but also easily reuse it, as such. Eventhough spend hours reading user guide and feedback help, I am not able to use app as per guide the lists, field docs, entity also much summaries to make a real use all apps s already well made good guide too . Fibery io, can be used by several no code developer, as thers is good flow well structured task model generation; but also is link tool for the intgrartes, where the small business needs to invest huge money that does not have surely full fill mark demand

We need more Brainstorming here , in this forum about the the better user interface , app better report views and app UX .The user friendlly the final report can be time based or event based or taske stucture based or use case template are thee main issues.Thus the user story telling UX , we all need more inspiration , more engagements of all our community as this is the key fruits of all our long journey about the visual integration of app , the model synthesis , ten model analysis via entity of app , fields, need more codes , more testing , more feedbacks too .
In this contexts , what are the state of art , , need not to be left to only with conventional just user guide, forum but as task , project , app domain , entity all very abstract one to user , but these all bases , yet need to be understood and integrated via linkks to the new product user case app yet to buid before release. My idea is this made default as beginners app , user such me , no expert on code can learn step by steps , but need yet to be integrated one important app product of fiberly academic to achiieve as first user case piratical training . not as article , but step by step task based on real user story of work flow .Here the need is to help the future the diversified team users , not only project manager, but althe team operatores too As real world user of our product can be a enthusiast , coders , academics Project Engineers such as my case more heterogeneous . What i find after reading blog , user guide , feed back forum is thereis need to be for pro advanced users for making very big project with very big team more app integrated other beginer user .There is an need for simplifying those use fewer apps , with very small team , very good scopes , relq2this all most real word problems of an entries .The ways simplification made possibler in each every app via entity , Fields etc as such is need too good logic based relations , thus links . Without guidance not poosible to have step by step task based work flow structure made, then get results , organize in folders with category inside workspaces ,these folder need to haves html pages with category , this pages with issues and problems , Thus the user guide based knowledge base , the question and answers type feedback forum article as base can help forum articles made as pageswith html rich formates , with resourse’s for each rich html pages as product , image , videos facilitate via data entry forms a dynamic wiki app as use report app . But what it can be, how to built it
After several hours of reading and thinking , I tried experiments our apps , as beta tester , easily made many folders , many pages, category too very easily , but get lost , simply it is being me complex make making my wikipedia . my self impossible .This impossible task made me remember my old story about my use of web google knol , instead wikipedia , in 2000.Even google wiki knol , a product made several years by google by very big good team, more resources but totaly failed . But i was lucky , by Annotum WP plugin expert helped me to make feedback review based article e helped me migrating all my knol wiki content to word press, now my post doctorate thesis has transported not by non coder , but by coders it still today alive…Thus the conclusion from rhis eample is there is need for report need to be diferent leve simple ,intermediate advanced user story ,

I am sure as big foundations of the big was made possible as big house the integrate app , well made by coders , it may be possible every user put up their, construct their app
, use windows ans stairs ,All shared as templates or instances of app with time with user made , construct , test validate , pay if use can help a good model cloud business by all type user beginer , coder , manager , eng , story app , all based on real world problems tasks based , structured work flow in order easily get via online team building tools
All advanced user story , report as app need to have dash board based an integrated workspaces to folder , pages known entity to user , not abstracts one , Thus the results can be tools to use l the present wiki guide , forum questions and answer articles. in the result dashboards based on the concept related to make posible the story telling report made from app reports . Several app item related to fundamental asp of task and activity based unification’s app report based on component app , story teller report on problems , questions answer , soltuion resyustas obtained as wiki organiszed is many user need
There is need to bother more about the the user app builder and user the operator of integrated app , the user Admin user friendly is the key elements , i find it very good tools to understand the very good visual structure made possible via diagrams easy to use ,Our fiberly structure , link , integration , there need to easy to perate the domains , entity , fields Unless the very good work , time spend , effort made all need to be have not project based approach , but ass i focued on ssues , problems based estategy well described in app strategy , followed by easy data entry forms related entity and Field , alredy made it well done.
Through the task based data as work flow process need to be simplifified , process table data report based different view well made , we need to have user friendly made forms as data inpput as userx ux is can help to build step by steps .**These are all the key problems as I find even wonderful , but get lost in fibery well made app structure , but not i able to even start , how to move , get my out put in a complex systems integration app model of fibery **
The data inport in ux operation list need to linked to form as entry , to data feilds , tasks the details of views too all in single details linked to same page, validated , approvals by alls ,thus wiki docs need to have feed backs too , .
Instead present 2 Column menu f etc , in dash board of reports I think of need to be 03 columns to make it more user friendly
The user can get from forum , import problems and question in column list view , integrated to solution pag which are well done now as details views . the folder first as category or spaces .These all need to be logically related and well made in these user report app to extracts , build , construct , show , share , yet not an isolated entity , but not as an web sites full of videos and images alone , but good well done wiki notebooks chapters , notes , details all well structured work flow by fibery teams , the app report need to a have very user friend UX to diverse need so that easy to understand the relations as well done by googl wave dead , then google plus all dead even after feed back of million users as they all failed compared to facebook.
Thus question and answer problem as done via forum bases , via better designed data forms entry before formation import data simples forms , detailed analysis of problem, data.The very important aspect of csv data import need to have an data form entry made before import too.
The global story of report app making can be based on thus task work structure based work flow , i imagine the main issues before us is not only the out put results of one app flow to other , thus , not an isolated but also user friendly data input ,validation via data views in three columns views , with all well linked process results
One of the success of the first app made for android via ever note in to make possible notes book is made by this 03 column , by evernote made good reuse of lists simples liste of notes as topics as chapter , but each notes hav detailed muitimedia pages, thus making possible big notebook long story making well structured time , images , texts , videos all made ito good product.
The visual integration can make how one get the product , wiki book , wiki catagaery , wiki pages final , thus the process is real problem
See here , few recent the comercial business model work flow app kissflow app , long time player other than well listed by @mdubakov notion ,air table , there are many new cccomer too
The recent app joget i cloud from Singapore city of the big firm , ther are several old , new player ,

we allso need to open our teams , yet have for focus diferent to other aspects of ux
Let us not forget the last best model examles of userfriendly our older competitive project based app in market few such as Joget with success app smartsheets, same page , **usereho , todist integrared well to twist all app cuurenty used for simplifed web and adrooid app too **scan help us too , as are very simple one for user
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Joget commercial videos the miracale workflow automation of what fibery w do manually , bit all integration mad instanely, thus validating fibery app integration fot great grreen future
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