[DONE] Fullscreen for wiki docs

Will be cool to have full screen or at least wider popup.
Now it looks like this

which is not so comfortable

@Alfa_Bot It should be improved of course. We will fix it in near future.

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The focus on rapid release need to be instead diversified wiki docs , made possible via plano,io , better fibery see help guide model as user consumer wiki integrated to support , feed back , , make one power user case wiki dream that will have all the nearly 20 input wiki page of same pages , as fiberely already being sone with sucess , make posible integrated interactive smart wiki all in one integrated to 02 app each now have comercial values guide of knowdge base help desk app worth 5 us dolar min upto 20 , knowledge base(KB) team buidings easily , instead email type sprint integration as per your future item as ticket administration model , this one very expensive too , not wiki has more input and out too 15 min us dollar , need automation , integration rules to . The integrated report making user story instance can be community updates, support pull tracker , and feed back well integrated , unlike simple isolated feedback wiki , blog, wiki doc .May be fiberly sites dream utopian several futures this well not too many app entity , field get lost focus, too much time spends , the goal , strategy fails with many sprints , many ideas , without user based customer based not all in one , but massive use of spead sheet small business workspace , work flow , sprint issues solved by a small team fibery , but many app all isolated .More user builts integration , more comercial sucess , this is how zoho.com go compete with google , microsoft using high school fresh motivated team , getting exper help , user integrates app via easy synthesis , integrated apps become comercial high value for zoho.creatores. Isolated app are just forms , no values free to all , but integrated app high vaue , why not user build too, analise too .The google too integrated app , need to have better value to save time to user with UX .Fibery team support is indeed a tool, already validated , good UX interface model, Make this product feature to embed tables texts , images , track updates sprints , folder sprints integration of I tried , but failed, web hook integration , easier old one too can push as being done google sites , very few user know this .

We’ve added Document view into Fibery, so you can create Document in every App. It is full screen by default. Old Document model in Wiki will be deprecated.

Does that mean the wiki app itself will be deprecated?

Now I noticed what you mean. It’s good to be able to add a document wherever. But it’s also good to be able to have collections of documents that don’t fit under an app.


Thanks @Pagandai_V_Pannirsel if project is understood as an road map soutions to issues and problems , this as an examole can help how to obtain okr , goals made via app https://plan.io/ see examp0les the very expensives
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as mentioned by @Pagandai_V_Pannirsel. It is the time now have demo of not isolated , but integrated app m