Altering the "default" Start/Stop Duration Gap for Tasks

Hi All

I noticed that when you setup a field for Start Dates (with Time) and Stop Dates (with Time), the “default” value is in hours and the “hop” is in 30min increments. So, in other words, a Task starting on 29th Oct at 19:00, can only have a minimum stop time of 19:30 (so 30mins). Can this be changed somewhere? I sometimes have shorter tasks. A “hop” of 15mins (or less) would be much better for my use case.

Any help would be appreciated.


Even though the list of time options are based on half hour increments, you can type any time values you like. Try it! :smiley:

Ok I didn’t know that. Good to know.

Thanks Chr1sG.

I did know this and do use this, but still find the experience suboptimal. I’m hopeful that time selection gets a little more love at some point. 24hr time I will accept, but the way it’s currently handled in the date-time picker is clunky IMO.