[APPROVED] Minor: improvements/fixes to date picker

This is somewhat minor, but I do feel that picking dates is a little more cumbersome than it should be (in the pop-up date pickers for Entity views). There are, I think, two reasons for this.

First and perhaps most broadly, dates in the past are not grayed out or otherwise indicated as being passed as they often are in other systems. This can be a quick and helpful way to orient yourself on the calendar mini-view. And typically I am not needing to select dates in the past, as I would guess is true for many people.

Second, it seems the the positioning of days on the calendar is “wrong” in Fibery. They are offset 1 day from my normal calendars. I’m not sure if this is a difference of what day is considered the “start” of the week, or something else. But here’s an image showing the Fibery date picker next to the Windows calendar, and you can see that today, Tuesday the 15th, is in the second column in Fibery, but in the 3rd column in Windows.

The Windows version is how all my other calendars show it as well, so I’m definitely used to that. For example ToDoist also has it this way as well.

Adding a “date is in the past” visual indicator would help a lot, as would at least an option to change the layout of dates to match what I’m guessing are US style calendars.

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Related - I’ve found adding time to dates is a bit awkward too. Tabbing doesn’t seem to work that well here either, and lots of “reasonable” actions seem to just close the date/time chooser.

This is happening to me typically for fields that set both start and end with times, and on Firefox


I second these suggestions, also think dates could have a bit more fluid flow!

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Correct. The offset (start week on Sunday) is only correct to North America, and possibly some others. Europe for the most part starts week on Monday, following ISO-8601.

I think a ‘Now’ button would be useful as well, especially if it’s Date + time. Of course, can easily be done with custom button if you do it a lot on some fields, but would be excessive.

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We’ll get to it eventually

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Wanted to add in some more specifics here:

Per you @Haslien, would love a “now” and also “today” option to easily choose those;

Following @colman, I am also struggling with the time. When I try to write in a time manually, if I don’t judiciously included the full convention, like “14:34p”, often the calendar reverts to some different day and time, causing me to have to redo what I previously did - that might be a bug. What I’d really like is some more “natural language” processing when you write in the time - so you could just write in “953a” and it picks up as “9:53 AM,” then if you are adding an end time, you would not need to add in the “a” as that would be understood to also be “AM.” Many other apps can do this.

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I wanted to bump this up again. Mostly the issues I’ve mentioned already in this thread, as well as what the others have said. Another point I’d add is that it would be great if today was defaulted so you could see it, perhaps as a different-colored square around today’s date in the calendar pop-up

We are trying to use Fibery for everything, so there is a lot of date tracking. And it’s just a big quality of life issue when you have to make many key strokes, instead of being able to write “930” to get 9:30 AM in the date picker, which currently requires you to find the “:” on the keyboard, which requires use of the “shift” key, etc.

Thanks guys and hoping you can get to this soon! Just spent my last vote on this :slight_smile:

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