CHANGELOG: September 23, 2022 / New date range picker, GitHub actions, live users

:calendar: New date range picker


Since the experimental release, our new date range picker has produced some debate in the community :sweat_smile:.

We’ve polished the picker based on your feedback, and now it is enabled for everyone by default. Adjust start or end date with a single (precise) click or simply type something like next Thursday.

:robot: GitHub actions

When something happens in Fibery (ex. a Story is completed), update GitHub.

Here is a list of possible actions:

  • Pull Requests: create, merge, approve, close
  • Branch: create
  • Issue: create, close

If an action is missing, please let us know.

:dancing_women: Live users


Discover who is looking at the same thing as you and is ready for some collaboration.

:butterfly: Improvements

:shrimp: 19 Fixed Bugs

  • It’ impossible to create new entity in the Document using keyboard
  • JS error in console if move mentioned entity/user to another line
  • Date fields don’t get auto selected as a column if create it via + button in the table
  • Inline comments aren’t saved as draft
  • Rich Text: Lost Keyboard focus after canceling “Create Entity” popup
  • Strikethrough text isn’t supported when importing documents
  • If you paste an image too quickly, it submits and loses the image
  • Import Spaces: track who installed the Space, and show his name in History (Audit Log)
  • Automation buttons: click in any place of button pop-up leads to opening entity behind it
  • Allow attach non-public files using automations
  • Tables don’t load if selected old Field-Button unit
  • Non-creator should have reduced capabilities on Space setup screen.
  • Unable to create Button from Table view
  • Double borders for selected date in calendar in some case
  • GitLab Actions: Error if fill in User full name as Assignee in Create issue/ incident action
  • [PageMenu]: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  • Impossible to add new items in List view
  • ‘t is null’ error sometimes appears on refreshing page with db settings
  • [Relation views] Delete option doesn’t look disabled if user has read-only permissions to the entity

Live Users is unexpected but nice! Should make a nice difference in how “alive” and collaborative Fibery actually feels for mid-large teams.