Add icon option to automation buttons

This is a minor cosmetic thing for the most part, but I was wondering if it is possible to allow users to define icons for buttons in addition to text. This would make buttons more consistent in the context menu:

But the more importantly (at least for me) it allows you to display buttons on inline references without taking too much space (as well as in places like tables):

In this case, we also need the option of showing the button with or without the icon!

The icon should be an icon rather than emoji to ensure the colour does not conflict with other icons in the context menu.

PS: not really related, but I wanted to again reiterate the call to allow URLs to be displayed as either with an alternate short text or a button. As you can see in the screenshot above, the current UX is not very nice :cry: I hope if I keep asking, it will finally happen just to shut me up!

If I had votes, I would definitely vote for this. This has been on my wish list for a while, but never got around to submitting it. Especially the part about optionally showing a button as just its icon and not the full button name. I would use more buttons in tables if they were just an icon, but they take too much space as is. Great idea @cannibalflea!

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Is this super important? Presumably you wrote this knowing that you can already use emojis in the name of a button, so it seems like icing on the cake to specifically allow icons as well.

For sure, this is what I’ve been doing, but the side effect has been that my button names are getting longer and take up more space in inline view. So I have to either choose to have a nice icon rendering in tables and inline at the cost of a “text-less” button in the context menu or make my button names longer everywhere.

I won’t call this super important. More of an overall polish. I also think that emoji’s are the wrong option here as they just clash with fibery’s otherwise clean UI!

Just like @ccollins this has come up a number of times and I finally decided I should note it.