I was very excited to see the Feed feature released, but I think two big areas that actually involve updates around entities are still missing. So I’d like to request their inclusion:

  • Comments

  • References

Most of my reasoning is in a post I made over on the Feed thread, referenced here:

Added this to Rich-text tag, if that’s incorrect, Admins please recategorize!

I agree @B_Sp, comments would be great.

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Thanks @webinit! Any chance you’d be willing to spend one of your precious votes on this?

Thanks again!


Literally just came here looking for this. Feed is awesome and with the way we manage projects, this would be very helpful!

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Thanks @kjb and @webinit for your votes to move this along!

Feed for references will be added when we rework references. Now we are moving into Blocks design for entity view and references are natural thing to move into Feed View. You can expect something like this in 2+ months.

We did not have plans to add Comments into Feed, but it looks like a good idea so we will explore this.


As I said in my reply over on the original topic, I think you are right, especially about Comments actually. I could see References also being useful. I’ll use one of my votes on this as soon as the ones for the original Feed View request are released. :wink:


Glad to hear @mdubakov you think comments in the Feed are a good idea. Just to reiterate, I’ve seen this well executed in other competing tools and have longed to see it in Fibery - the Feed itself is the big piece here so very glad that has been released.

And appreciate @Oshyan your willingness to add a vote of support for this once you have the chance to do so!

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I second @B_Sp’s suggestion!

Mostly because it allows me to build a proper Message/Chat space in Fibery: Message DB with Assignees and Comments field, with a Feed View filtered by assigned-to-me and created-by-me, and each message-thread is kept in the Comments field.

Technically, the comments-in-feed-view is not necessary, because i could just do it as a Table view but then you have to open the Message to read the comments.

As a tangent, does anyone know how i could build automations for an Unread flag?


Perhaps we could get the Notifications feed (and related functionality) exposed as a “special built-in DB” like Users? On which we could define automations, etc…


Glad to keep getting support here. This and all other improvements of notifications, merging of comments and references into one area that is discussed Here would be huge for improvement in Fibery usability for my team. There are really no other tools out there that have both comments, and “backlinks” - which is the way the market refers to what we have in References in Fibery - where you can freely link anything in both. Most tools have much more limited functionality in comments than in Fibery, meaning you get forced into doing your commenting in Slack or some other tool, while your work is in the “main” management tool.

Hoping you guys keep pushing forward here as you could really upsell what you offer in Fibery vs other tools, and how this can be a big piece of having “all your stuff in one place.”


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I am in pretty big need of this feature, and just wanted to add one more comment: The current feed only pulls from Rich Text boxes. My team doesn’t really do much in the way of activity that you’d track in a “feed” in those boxes. In just about all work management tools around various types of work - Github/Jira; ProductBoard/Aha; Asana/ClickUp/Wrike; Confluence/Slite/Slab; Coda/Airtable, etc. etc. comments seem to be where activity and updates are logged, not “description” fields like Rich Text in Fibery. @Oshyan put it well here:

Being able to see a stream of what people are talking about is something I sorely am missing right now. And would really like to have the references included, which often are just comments in related entities - such a powerful feature of Fibery that over time just sticks out more and more - you guys should get innovation of the year for the references feature!

Thanks for listening!

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