I am in pretty big need of this feature, and just wanted to add one more comment: The current feed only pulls from Rich Text boxes. My team doesn’t really do much in the way of activity that you’d track in a “feed” in those boxes. In just about all work management tools around various types of work - Github/Jira; ProductBoard/Aha; Asana/ClickUp/Wrike; Confluence/Slite/Slab; Coda/Airtable, etc. etc. comments seem to be where activity and updates are logged, not “description” fields like Rich Text in Fibery. @Oshyan put it well here:

Being able to see a stream of what people are talking about is something I sorely am missing right now. And would really like to have the references included, which often are just comments in related entities - such a powerful feature of Fibery that over time just sticks out more and more - you guys should get innovation of the year for the references feature!

Thanks for listening!

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