Ability to rename Extensions on Entity view

I would find it useful to be able to rename Extensions such as Comments or File Uploads to more clearly indicate what they’re to be used for. With comments, for example, on a Contact it might make more sense to rename this to “interactions” and to use it to record every time you interacted with a contact (e.g. call, email, etc.). With other things it might be useful to rename it “Updates”. The differences may seem minor, but I think it would enhance clarity. Especially if you imagine interacting with the system as a non-admin user, someone who has no idea about how the back-end works, or what “extensions” are.

Basically I want to use Comment as a universal stand-in for sequential, dated updates to a variety of Types and each one may have different terminology or concept for what an “update” really is.

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To add to and clarify this, with Files for instance, it could also be good to be able to indicate what the purpose of those files are by naming the field. On a construction project Entity, we might want to have only architectural plans, for example.

Of course one day to have folders or other organization for file uploads would be nice. Or at least the ability to add and customize multiple File extension instances.