Comment on entity right in a board view or timeline view

It will be useful to be able to add a comment to an entity that’s specific to the view I’m using. e.g:

This facilitates discussions that are about the entity within the context of the view, like

  • Should this task be put on hold, in favor of the other ongoing tasks? (board view)
  • The start date of this project needs to be pushed back, since this other project had a little scope creep (timeline view)

Actual use case: I have a timeline view of projects in Targetprocess and wanted to communicate the changes I made to the timeline. I took a screenshot of the view to paste into Dropbox Paper, which supports commenting on specific spots of an image.

This feature may not make sense for all views. In which case, I think it’s fine to only enable it for the views that make sense.

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Yes I agree. I would really like to be able to add Comments, and see comments, freely across the app. In fact I have communicated directly with @mdubakov that I would even like to be able to have a comment automatically pick up a reference to a related entity, if it could be surfaced in say Collections.

Here is an example from Coda where you can see with the right-click menu you can comment straight to an entity without opening it, is this what you mean?

I also think this is related to this request, another good use of comments:


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