YTD and YOY dashboard

Hi guys,

I’m trying to create a YTD and YOY dashboard.

For YTD I’ve used the RUNNING_SUM formula.


I’ve put the trendline on. But I think I’m doing something wrong since all 0 values are included? How can I get a correct trendline?


And what is the best way to create a YOY dashboard? Ideally I want both months next to each other in 1 graph (so Jan 23 / Jan 24 / Feb 23 / Feb 24 etc.) but I couldn’t find an option for this.


I’m not sure how Fibery can make a correct trendline, since I don’t know how it can determine whether a particular value is zero because there is no data yet available or because it is genuinely zero value.

Is there a way to have an ‘empty’ outcome in a number formula field? Or will it always be 0, even when it’s empty?

And if we skip the trendline; is there a way to show the data YOY?

Do you mean a report formula or a normal formula field?

What would your definition of YOY value be?

I mean a normal formula field. AFAIK there is no option to have ‘empty’ as a result of a number field.

Just a visual presentation (bar chart is best I think?) of periods from year 1 next to year 2.

That’s basically correct.

You can probably just set the x-axis to be two variables (month & year). The month will give the position from left to right, and for each month there will be as many columns as there are year of data (which you can constrain with filters if necessary)