Your experience with AI Space Creation in Fibery?

Did you play with AI Space Creation?
Any interesting results?
What is missing?
What is cool?

I’d love a more of a gray box experience. To be able to adjust output:
For example I query to get a barbershop it can first give me a model output in some markdown form:

- Client
  - name: string
- Empoyee
  - salary: number

Then I can continue chatting with it to clarify requirements. For instance in that scenario I can add - “oh I have a franchise barbershop.”
So the model would adjust to include some concepts for franchise.
Currently to experiment and try different variations I need to wait a lot for all the magic to happen while I could have easily adjusted in on the text model generation.

Thinking further being able to use that text model:
Create a space for that definition:

- Employee

would be interesting too as it would allow direct prompt engineering within fibery :wink:
Markdown is not that hard anyway.


I really appreciate the implementation of AI into Fibery. The ability to provide our own API key without any extra pay wall is impressive and has led me to import everything into Fibery and uninstall other programs.

I’m looking forward to be able to ask questions about our own data that I’ve read is in the planning phase.
Hopefully this will also include search in tables rows as I’m having some trouble finding specific meetings because the meeting subject is repeating and can’t see specifics in the search dialog.

However, I would prefer to see the response streamed instead of generated all at once, especially when using GPT-4. Sometimes the response takes time and I am unsure if it went through or not, depending on how much input I have used.