White-label & fully custom domain

Fibery is an awesome product, and the team just keeps delivering.
But since it’s targeted at businesses, it’s puzzling to me that it doesn’t offer a white-label and a real custom domain option, it could be demanded by a vast majority of Fibery users.

What would a ‘white label’ version mean to you?
(different people interpret the phrase in different ways)

To me it’s the ability to only show my own brand in favicon, loading page icon, etc. and a fully custom domain.

How much extra are you ready to pay for this?

Are you aware of the ability to set the workspace icon (and name)?

Let’s say an Enterprise level comes with custom cost, so Fibery team would have better control over it.
I can imagine companies paying extra $10 for this.

Would you pay $10 extra for it? :wink:

(per user I assume you meant)

Yes. I think +$10 per user is reasonable pricing if not too low from your perspective.
Many companies would only charge more for such an option.

@Xinnerpeace you could simply set up a wrapper/proxy page on your domain and then embed or forward to Fibery. That should mask your URL. That takes care of the domain.

You can already set an icon.

Last thing needed would be custom CSS.

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Indeed, custom CSS will bring more possibilities.