When changing the DB source of a View, keep the rest of the View definition

When developing a Custom Integration, if you “edit” the integration app (i.e. make a change to the app’s schema), Fibery disconnects all the DBs previously synced from the app. So when you sync again, you have all new DBs, and all your views, reports, etc that you previously built for the space are now moot, and need to be manually recreated.

It would be super helpful if:

  • When “editing” a Custom Integration app, DON’T automatically disconnect the DBs previously created by the Integration.

A second thing that would be quite useful would be:

  • The ability to change the data source of a View/Report (“Rows”), while still keeping the rest of the View/Report/Smart Folder definition intact, where applicable - i.e. visible Columns, Filters, Sorts, Colorizing Rules. Currently if I change the Rows source of a View from one DB to a different DB that has the exact same schema, Fibery still clears the View’s definition.