We've improved Docs greatly this year. Do you still REALLY miss something?

They thought so at one time, but now I don’t really know where this effort is at in terms of priority, etc:


Their would be this : Keyboard shortcut to re-order bullets/numbers lists that will change my life

Thanks a lot, Fibery team, the documents have gotten MUCH better already indeed!

Refinements already mentioned in this thread, sorted by my priority:

  1. Transclusions
  2. Export as single-page PDF → my workaround is export MD and then use Marked 2 to generate PDF. But obviously that’s a pain…
  3. Collaboration on a single doc without login

Refinements not mentioned here, as per my priority:

  1. Third width option (see below): There is right now only narrow and full screen. On bigger screens neither options are good as you see below. I would love to have an in-between option with about max-width as 100rem (ca. 1600px). This will work great for tables, which I’m a fan of.
  2. Copy content with comments looses comment: If copying text in a document that has inline comments, these comments get lost. That’s really bad. Not sure how easy that’s to fix tho.
  3. Text table improvements: Admittedly, I’m a big fan of tables, and thus I find the limited inline tables very annoying:
    1. Adding new rows required the use of the mouse, grrrrrrrrrrrrr
    2. A nice default header style (current workaround is Mark cell and Bold on every table. With a nice header, it can also be made sticky. Obviously I should have Header rows and columns…
    3. Give a cell a colour background
    4. Better resizing behaviour: For one, I can make the table wider than the page column, in which case I get a scroll bar. Bringing it back to column width is hard. Your image embeds have actually solved that nicely as they snap to column width. Two, by default, it’s the last column that expands… Confluence does this nicely by scaling based on content (I suspect that’s a default HTML behaviour actually).


And here the pictures on my problem with the two page widths—admittedly not the best examples, but I think you can see how these things become an issue:




I’m still missing anchor links within a page.

E.g. something like this.


I know the TOC exists but being able to link to different sections within the same page (and without reload) would really allow for more rich knowledge base documents.

If you hover over a heading in a document, then a symbol will appear which provides an anchor link when you click on it.

And would the page scroll to that section without a page reload?

Made a seperate feature request, but probably better to link it here.

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Unfortunately, the URL of a page does not change when scrolling. The fibery forum (which is a Discourse platform) does have that functionality, but Fibery does not yet.

This is actually a bug in fibery (please create a bug report) because an anchor link should work in all cases to redirect to the header it belongs to.

How to reproduce: Click an anchor link, it works one time. Scroll away on the same page, the anchor link does not work any more, because the URL of the page is the same.

Use case: when you create a navigation menu with links to either anchors in the same page or in other pages, in any of these cases the anchor links only work once, until you click a link with a different URL.

Other bug: Loss of anchor when mentioning. Related to anchor links is that if you paste the anchor link somewhere and then click ‘Mention’ in the link menu, the anchor part of the URL is lost, and it becomes just a page link. So the mention feature has not integrated the anchor link feature. See also this post.

This feature is sorely lacking in the docs:

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One more FRQ to add:

Lock embedded whiteboards. If I embed a whiteboard it should almost behave like an image unless I go into an edit mode. Currently it messes with scrolling as well as it’s very easy for people to mess up stuff when clicking about.

Yes, edit modes often add an extra layer of cognitive load, but I think in this context it’s understandable:

  1. I select the whiteboard to embed
  2. I select the default zoom level and cropping (yeah, when the white board expands it’ll mess up)
  3. I click “Lock board” → you could probably generate a PNG and embed that ion the page
  4. If I want to edit, I click the embed and select “Unlock embed” or “Edit whiteboard”



You know I have been hoping for that type of functionality in every other whiteboard system I’ve used, including the big ones like Miro. I have a feeling it’s not so easy. I would love that feature. I alwasy run into the canvas/whiteboard being show totally different than I want then getting stuck in the embed scrolling etc. So I just take screenshots and put a manual link in. Not graceful, but less stressful. If they can do what you’re asking that would be amazing!


Well, I am not surprised that embedding let’s say Miro in another tool like Notion would have that problem. Because Notion needs to treat it like any other embed… but Fibery in Fibery (or Miro in Miro) should be able to do so as they are part ands parcel of the same system.

Oh, one more tiny but impactful FRQ for the rich text documents:

Give H2 and H4 a slightly different colour. I think the overall sizing of H1, H2, H3, H4 is reasonably balanced. But, the differences between the levels are IMHO a little too subtle. Thus, giving H2 and H4 a slight tint would make it very clear that they are at a different level than H1 and H3.

Of course I could use a highlighter, but as you can imagine, that’ll be rather ugly and also very cumbersome.



this’s relevant for css type and theme. Honestly I’m really missing custom theme in Obsidian where i can even select font, type, heading type, call out, checkbox, vim mode, zen mode …
But i can sacrifice all of those just for mixing bullet list only

Yeap, that’s one of the reasons we’ve asked for Natively integrated custom CSS (and editor) for Fibery workspaces


I think this harks back to what I was suggesting here: Fibery users should be entities just like any other - #4 by jean1 (specifically the bit “The type name should be just a label. The type should be the composition of all its traits. I.e. you shouldn’t have to convert entities of type A to type B: you should just be able to add/remove the same traits to/from A until it has the desired behaviours and shows up in the desired places.”) … I see you responded to that thread :grin:


Yes this is a great point! I really think that what I perceive to be Fibery’s basic concept - that you can handle all your needs with a basic entity - should be the underlying structure, without the need to have docs, which don’t follow that. And you’re right, same with users - they are treated differently. I don’t actually use the convert entity feature because it doesn’t work well - not all attributes come through, and the previous entity is left in existence which I may or may not need. Ultimately converting entities is just a lot of work in its current format! And as you point out, shouldn’t be necessary…

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The thing that keeps our team from using Fibery Docs more is lack of A "suggesting" mode for document editing (i.e. multiple document editing "roles"). A Coda-like embed

could also work, but would love to have suggesting mode directly in Fibery Docs. Also am very supportive of the docs as entities, users as entities, everything as entities movement.


Upvoting your table suggestions.

My problem with the table resizing is that if you have a wide table with lots of content on a large screen, and then open it on a smaller screen or as a split (when opening from another entity, or comment inbox) it really messes it up, and narrows some columns to only a couple of chars wide and makes them pages tall. lol

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