We've improved Docs greatly this year. Do you still REALLY miss something?

Love the embeds. Two features I really want before I fully implement “dashboard” style docs throughout my workspace.

  1. Narrow/Wide preferences for all users.
    • Especially with multiple column dashboard style docs, wide view looks significantly better and narrow view looks unusable. There needs to be a way for me to set this for new users to see it wide the first time, rather than being turned off from the dashboard.
  2. “Locking” the document from further editing.
    • I don’t want anyone with editor permissions to be able to accidentally edit the document.

Secretly, I was also hoping that there was a plan to implement document backgrounds similar to Craft.do. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I was guessing that the form view covers / unsplash integration were the precursor to document backgrounds


I will say again what I’ve said around here already, since this seems like a good place to bring it up. I think the best way to use Fibery is to just use entities for all of a teams document needs. They have the advantage of already containing ALL of Fibery’s features, like state, references etc from day one, which was all my team needed. This is how Notion works, and in fact I prefer that approach. There is only one kind of “entity” and it’s a simpler design of the tool. Some of my team actually on their own has gone in at times and tried to set up sections of Fibery that are just Docs, when I had already created that need in db’s with entities, such as “blog posts” which can be fully served with entities I think.

It would help entities to have the ability to display text more dominantly, so the other attributes are not visible. Bringing back bringing back expandable Rich Text boxes would help a great deal with this.



I’ve been missing something but couldn’t figure out what it was. It’s this! I totally agree with you.


Great to get the support for this! Would you be willing to spend a vote on that request? 3 and counting :blush:

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Agree. I suppose with a Documents database you could also easily introduce document versions (as I’ve seen it requested here before) and have document types, tags, and so on.


If this topic applies to Rich Text fields, then Transclusion is the #1 need I encounter.

Use Cases & Benefits:

  • Collective brain: Transclusion supports evolving collaborative platforms, allowing teams to integrate and reference content seamlessly. Lego building content with content is the future.
  • AI Content Creation: With AI suggesting content combinations, Transclusion can pull from existing content for dynamic, relevant suggestions.
  • Knowledge Consistency: Ensure updated information is reflected across all documents, minimizing outdated or conflicting data.

Proposed Features:

  1. Entity-Level Transclusion: Allow transclusion of entire existing entities, enhancing the current # function to display rich text fields. (Plus allow creating new transclusion through select text → turn into new entity with selected text as description field)
  2. Block-Level Transclusion: Enable paragraph or block transclusion, especially if blocks receive light entity properties like the new comment entities.


  • Display Options: Offer ‘teaser’ or full content display, addressing unmet needs in the Feed view.



Just did. BTW I’m new so I didn’t realize that votes were hoarded like gold. I remember asking a dude to vote for something I was looking for and he wouldn’t, lol!

Embeds!!! Finally!


Docs improve a lot! However, we’re still missing mixed list combinations. We usually build processes list or tasks, where the first level is a checkbox item second level can be a simple list or an ordered list. We can’t do that now for some reason.


Flexible (bullet list, numberist list, checkbox… which’s really my pain point about rich text right now) and Outliner (like Roam Research or Reddit comment: it display the right hierarchy of text). the navigation with those really annoying a lot in current
This 's a real thing currently in Obsidian that I wish Fibery have

Also the function I really love 's using hotkey to convert to any type of those
Example: I set Ctrl 1 to turn one row rich text into number list or checkbox
All of those thing’s the thing I really really love in Obsidian when input data


This is an annoying limitation, I agree. I made a Button to work around it, which just invokes an Input box and appends to the main Rich Text field (you could make multiple buttons for different Rich Text fields I guess).

I too would like this, or even if it required login, at least to allow collab across accounts without it increasing the user count of my Workspace. Notion does this, for example, and I think it could be a real growth flywheel for Fibery if they did it.

Yeah, this is different than “embeds” I think, but could well utilize similar back-end tech. Essentially creating a first-class “External Resource” type in the primary left-side nav, and the right-pane view is a full-screen embed of that external page, maintaining the Fibery nav and other context. That indeed would be really nice.

I agree! There is something of a Feature Request for this (although it is more broad, the mixed lists are one of the main remaining requests):

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Issues with regard to unlinking inline references in rich text fields:

  1. Ability to unlink an inline reference, so it becomes plain text (unlink menu item in the reference).
  2. Inline references to automatically become plain text when the referenced entity is deleted or inaccessible (because of user permissions)

See also

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I tend to send my feedback direct to chat in-app but I logged in just to +1 this

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Nested Mixing Lists

Yes, I voted it for long time ago, i dont know much about markdown, but do they have any limitation to implement that ? I think this “nested mixing” just some kinds of new version of markdown or something like that need to update, so I think it just a small issues or need small effort to have, but this’s really high quality thing or even best thing make me still love Obsidian: it’s really easy to navigate or input text which just keyboard shortcut (Tab and shift tabs in fibery right now 's mess when navigating). Because I didnt mention the advanced “toogle on/off” function for each bullet points, which if fibery can do this, i think no one need to try Tana or Loseq or even Obsidian

Just to be clear, I know the prioritize of Fibery right now (Table view and Reference), which i couldnt agree more about Reference, which mean backlinks or Dataview querry in Obsidian, I’m really waiting for this. But do we have a favor to adjust for this, it’s just a small change but high impact when input data in PKM

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yes. this was one main reason why we chose clickup over all other candidates back a year ago because i can invite 5 guests to my account who can read and add information without it adding full users and cost. even though we are on a free plan at the moment which allows us to explore fibery. for the long run this will be an essential thing for the adoption for our team as we are non profit social and money is am issue

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this is an amazing and perfect workaround that is even better than pasting. its not a work-around but a work-improvement. thanks for this amazing tip!!

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I can’t figure out how to move sections of a document around effectively. Specifically, if I have a plain table in a rich text field, it seems like it’s “stuck” wherever it is in the document and you have to move the other text/things around it. I can’t get the table selected to even cut and paste. Is that right? It’d be much easier to build documents/layouts/dashboards if Fibery would adopt the Notion-like modal editing (somewhat like Vim) where you can type (i.e. “insert mode”) or move blocks around and/or have them selected (i.e. “normal mode”).

I know Fibery doesn’t have this same block concept…but can it / will it ever? :sweat_smile::grimacing: I find it much much more difficult to use the Fibery document/rich text editor. I know you’ve said to “just use Notion” if you only need beautiful documents…but I need both :innocent:

Arguably I need the advanced capabilities of Fibery’s automations and database capabilities more, that’s why I’m here. But I do really miss the general feel of editing content blocks in Notion. Like…a lot.

I’d love to know if you ever aspire to that level of fidelity?

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They thought so at one time, but now I don’t really know where this effort is at in terms of priority, etc:


Their would be this : Keyboard shortcut to re-order bullets/numbers lists that will change my life