Filling the gap between (too) simple tables and structured database : "simple spreadsheets"


Each time I’m trying to use the “table” feature which is in the Rich Text fields, to add pretty simple tables, I am either :

  • switching back to google sheet because the row management and the lack of formatting (among other things) make it really tedious and limitating to use. So I finish by simply put a link to the google sheet but this is scattering the information, whereas I would love to have all that in Fibery, and 95% of the time I don’t really need advanced “spreadsheet” features like formulas and having multiple tabs.
  • trying to limit myself with these features but waste really a lot of time
    => in both case, it is quite frustrating

It would be really great if there was a better way to add “non-structured” data in table format, either by :

  • enabling to embed Google Sheets directly into Fibery, like Confluence did, and make that searchable of course (which would be one of the main benefits)
  • improving a lot the current “table” feature, by adding the most essential “spreadsheet” features, and improving the row/column management (add/delete multiple etc.). I guess that would also mean to allow for larger tables with an horizontal scrolling.

With the unfair advantage in Fibery that this “table” object could also be referenced like any entity.
Maybe this could even be a new “view” type like whiteboards.

I’m not sure how others do this, but I feel like there is a missing piece here in Fibery,



I agree this is a need, and not just in Fibery, but Notion too, which I only mention because the lack of it in these two tools is interesting. So I’m anxious to see if there will be any movement to solve it. For Notion, their upcoming public API may allow for that kind of interaction with Google Sheets that would give you tight enough integration, including search of Sheets content from within Notion. They already have a good embedding system.

For Fibery, given that developing and maintaining spreadsheet-like functionality is probably a bit of a pain (and once they do, it’s another semi-major feature that people will want more features put into), I think I’d rather see them take their existing (and ever-improving) API/integration functionality, and connect to the whole G Suite of tools. This goes a little off-topic of your feature request for a moment, but I think integrating all of G Suite would be really excellent and help adoption and retention in a big way. You’d get:

  • Embed G Sheet in Fibery and manipulate directly; ideally the ability to interact with the data in e.g. formula fields, too
  • Create Fibery Entity from Gmail, open contents of source email from Fibery entity (e.g. for tasks)
  • Attach and view G Drive files in Entities
    And more…

Much of this is already available in tools like ClickUp and it’s very useful indeed!

Combine that with Embed Views in Rich Text and you’d have a good solution, I think.

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