Wehooks i creation and its use in app

when creating url as text , url enabled , how to make this wblink link functionationvalid or not and how to use in domiain app dev

Hi! Could you please provide more details? Could you please provide example of webhook which is not working for you? It supposed to make your own server and then setup webhook inside Fibery.

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@vadim the url format is defined as text , the real bug , problem object webhook is not the text
The realproblem is the input data field is named as url , link ,ok
but the objective of this link is not text , but a weeb hook , that need to notly url link show www , but need to pull web page , presents itt contents , if it possible , if there is no need for API protected content acess , if you can give your eamil , i can add you user you can see the problem
i will be very glad to get help from you https://greenfuelfood.fibery.io/fibery/settings/webhooks .
The developmer team fibery , gave cver good ansewr that webhooks , formulae are item not yet fiinshed item , this is why they remain half cooked potato , not yet ready to use

@vadim timely help allowed me follow steps
the url invalid is an bugg , not able to updated url to previous valid one .

one need to delete , do it again

one need not leave the fied unfilled later updae it means bug

now no web hook appear from main menu

The weblinks need to be item in menu as it used to be until full webhook as thus it is too complex for user , coder time