Webhook from CRM to Fibery

we have a messaged crm. In our tool (kommo) we can set in the pipelin after the status is changed to “won” a webhook. We must set an URL.
How can i configure a webhook/API to start e.g. a project with some task.
Is it very difficult?
We also test zapier and make. In Make is an error to your crm and in zapier we only can choose “status is updated” but not as a special status.

Perhaps you can explain a bit more, I’m not sure I exactly understand your set up and what you hope to achieve.
Is it correct that…

  • you use kommo as your CRM
  • you use (or want to use) Fibery for project managment
  • you want to create a project, with child tasks, when the status of a customer is changed to ‘won’ in kommo

Are you having difficulties getting Make/Zapier to trigger based on a change in kommo?