Variables in formulas

I have been writing some quite advanced formulas in Fibery:

I found that after some time even I cannot figure out what the heck formula does as it’s all in one gigantic expression.
Would it be possible to add support for variables so that formulas can stay readable overtime?
My only workaround now is to create a bunch of other formula fields and use them instead. However, that creates a lot of unnecessary noise in the type structure.

You’ve risen a good problem and we will think about the solution.
Remembering custom formatting + being able to write in multiple lines possibly would solve the problem. But maybe there is a better solution.

As for your certain case - you can convert TargetDuration to a number by a separate formula in the field, maybe that would help a bit :face_with_monocle:

I was considering that but it would create another field which crowds the display. Is there a way to hide certain fields from card details UI?
– EDIT –
Sergey already answered that

I think it’s worth noting that the original request relates to this and this.
But it’s fair to say that helper formula fields that can be hidden from most users can have some advantages in usability over a centralised code respository, so the sooner we get field hiding (and/or other forms of grouping/arranging) the better :slight_smile: