Can we have a "code library" for a Workspace?

Somewhere to define globally accessible functions that could be called from Button code, etc.

In fact, it exists. Here is the link fibery-community / Action Buttons · GitLab

@mdubakov, I meant: can we have a place that is part of a Workspace where global functions/objects could be defined, and used by any other code in the same Workspace.


Got it, in fact you can just create a separate App in Fibery for that and a Type like Code Sample and store code in Rich Edit field.

I think Matt is interested in having a library of frequently used functions that can be directly called from action buttons, not just a text snippet that can be copy-pasted.
At least, it’s something I would like :slight_smile:

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@mdubakov Yes @Chr1sG - that is what I meant! The point is to avoid copy-paste and have just one copy of your codebase/library that can be referenced globally :wink:


One issue I ran into related to this is if you have some kind of rule that is triggered off an event, like an entity’s field changing, but you also want to support manually triggering the rule. To handle the manual triggering, you have to setup the exact same logic in the action button configuration, which could become out of sync over time.

This particular issue could be handled by supporting the reference of an action button as a trigger for a rule, or by leveraging some kind of shared logic area.

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