Can we have a "code library" for a Workspace?

Somewhere to define globally accessible functions that could be called from Button code, etc.

In fact, it exists. Here is the link fibery-community / Action Buttons · GitLab

@mdubakov, I meant: can we have a place that is part of a Workspace where global functions/objects could be defined, and used by any other code in the same Workspace.


Got it, in fact you can just create a separate App in Fibery for that and a Type like Code Sample and store code in Rich Edit field.

I think Matt is interested in having a library of frequently used functions that can be directly called from action buttons, not just a text snippet that can be copy-pasted.
At least, it’s something I would like :slight_smile:

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@mdubakov Yes @Chr1sG - that is what I meant! The point is to avoid copy-paste and have just one copy of your codebase/library that can be referenced globally :wink: