Using Fibery for Customer Success

Hello! I am currently looking for a solution to manage customer relationships and now evaluating if Fibery can be a fit. Does anyone of you has a similar use cases and would like to share his/her experience?

We’re using Hubspot to manage pre-sales relationships and need a tool to:

  • Keep all the information about our customers
  • Calculate a health score based on different criterion
  • Report on activities and results
  • Manage up-sell and cross-sell opportunities

Thanks for your inputs :pray:

Hi, we use fibery as CRM ourselves and it works great for us.

If you need to link ALL emails to Accounts this will be relatively hard to do with Fibery, but all the other things are possible. For example, you can keep any kind of info you want, you can use custom Formulas to calculate health score based on various parameters, reports and other things are also there.

If you can provide more detailed use cases I may give better/deeper answers whether they are possible in Fibery and how.

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Hi, I can show an implementation where

  • all customer information in one place, like contacts, contracts, industry domain etc.
  • Calculated health reports based on different inputs
  • Reports, based on customer types, CSMs, industry etc.

Originally it was in a huge Excel file.

Let me know if you are interested.