Use Logo for Favicon, Touch Icon, etc

I was really (unpleasantly) surprised that the favicon did not change when I set a logo in Workspace Settings!

Using the logo as favicon will make finding tabs for workspaces easier and make shortcuts on mobile devices look a lot better. Especially if one has multiple tabs or bookmarks for multiple workspaces.

One thing I would love is if the logo was used for comment avatars created by automation. Currently, the comment avatar is just a question mark.

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I’d rather the favicon didn’t change to match your custom logo. We have our company logo as the favicon on other websites, so I’d rather the Fibery favicon was the Fibery logo, to make it more visible/obvious in your stack of tabs. I could see the argument if you have multiple Fibery domains/sites, I guess.

Yes, I get your point.
So I guess the best solution would be to allow a favicon to be uploaded and set for every workspace in addition to the logo.