Use clojure for scripting

This is a request for magic, so I understand if it’s not realistic, but I wish there was a way to allow clojure as well as JS in some shape or form when scripting.

To be honest I don’t think we will add cojurescript here. It will increase complexity and there are few people who will benefit.


How about DataScript for querying?

I’ve been exploring it in Roam/LogSeq/Athens. This deep dive is excellent. I really like the entity-attribute-value data model … it matches what I imagine for the flexible “type” system I go on about elsewhere.

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Agree. «Datalog query» is used in many places by common users. And I am one of them.

Another question, is it supported natively by the database that Fibery uses?

We have our own query engine, since we don’t use Datalog/Datomic.
Can you share cases? What you want to do?

BTW, EAV model is a dead end, it’s can’t survive data evolution and it can’t survive large data amounts. We decided to not go for it, while it was an obvious choice for flexible domain.

The «case» is simple - personal convenience: 0)

I don’t want to once again deeply “remember” javascript in order to work with data in “Rules”. I don’t like JS - that’s it :0)

I got it, so you basically need a data query language.