Unofficial Javascript API Fork

As I explored a bit in this thread, I had to make some modifications to the unofficial fibery API client to support client-side use in the chrome extension I was working on.

The original HTTP request library that was being used was no longer supported, and I ended up settling on using isomorphic-fetch as a thin wrapper around native node.js and client-side request APIs. At first I tried leveraging Axios, which is pretty popular, but I discovered it to be incompatible with being used in a chrome extension. I wanted to at least share the forked repo of the unofficial js API, in case anyone else wants to leverage it. I have not yet reworked all of it yet, so some aspects still need to be migrated over, like uploading files.

Repo: Fibery JS Client on Gitlab

My approach for the chrome extension was to leverage webpack, so that I could leverage all the modern tooling and development approaches (modules, react, css frameworks, etc), and easily bundle in external dependencies (which google suggests doing). So, to use this library in an extension, you’d just need to add it via NPM or Yarn directly by the repo URL for now. Then you could import it and have webpack bundle it in the extension for you. I’ll try to share some more examples soon.