Laravel (php) Fibery APIs implementation (beta)

Hi guys,

I have published my beta (very beta) implementation of the Fibery APIs for Laravel on github.

It provides a FiberyClient class for the REST API and for managing webhooks as well as endpoints for the Integrations API and processing webhooks.

It also supports a simplistic form of Two-Way sync by combining the Integrations API with webhooks using shadow fields.

It’s a work in progress obviously, and it’s php, but it should be easy enough to port this to other languages and web frameworks (java, kotlin, etc.).


Thank you for sharing that! I don’t have much experience with Laravel, but I’m looking into it now and it appears very useful in different use cases to extend or improve the features of Fibery. I could imagine its helpful for some current pain points:

  • Search in Fibery is pretty underdeveloped and we hardly ever use it because our search needs are always related to a context where I’m working in. With Laravel we can enable advanced data processing, custom search algorithms, complex filters, and sorting mechanisms, using React or Vue.js as front end.

  • Mobile app: Fibery is currently as good as impossible to work with on a mobile phone. We could create an Android project management app integrating Laravel, React Native, and Fibery. Laravel for backend API services that connect with Fibery for project data, and React Native for the Android UI.

  • Knowledge graph: Using Laravel to aggregate and organize relationship data, and then passing this data to a front-end visualization library (e.g., D3.js, Vis.js) integrated within a React or Vue.js application, we can implement custom interactive graphs.

  • Web front end. Some people I work with find the Fibery UI too complex and not user friendly in daily operations. I was thinking about creating a front end that streamlines project management using Laravel to interface with Fibery for project data, and a Vue.js front-end for a dynamic, user-friendly dashboard. This setup would allow for real-time tracking of projects, tasks, and client feedback.

What did you have in mind with Fibery and Laravel?

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We have an existing web application built on Laravel that push orders into Trello as projects. (Every order has to be custom made, so it becomes a project.)

We are planning to replace Trello with Fibery so we have to be able to push Projects to Fibery and we are doing it with much more structured data than on Trello.

We implemented the Integrations API to have some our tables (currencies, metal prices, etc.) from the Laravel DB inside Fibery and I figured if we have them inside Fibery we may as well allow them to be maintained, so that led me to implement the webhooks to get (basic) two-way sync.

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