Uniqueness constraints for Entities?

Is there a way to create uniqueness constraints for an Entity? For instance, I would like a Contacts DB where each contact’s email is unique/primary key, so that an automation that tries to create a new contact with an email that already exists should fail.

Or is there some trick i can use to get this effect?

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Fibery does not currently have validation rules (e.g. uniqueness, required fields, range-checking etc.)
You can implement automations that flag up violations, but there is no enforcement mechanism.


Is there a feature request for this? I feel like I saw one but can’t find it now.

Having a unique/primary key constraint for new entities is high up on my feature wishlist.

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You could define a Rule to flag “illegal” entities like so
(where ‘Pages’ is the DB, and ‘URL’ is the unique field):

It sets the violating entity’s name like so:

If( Pages.filter(URL = [Step 1 Page].URL).Count() > 1,
"**DUPLICATE** " + [Step 1 Page].Name,
[Step 1 Page].Name )