Undo an automation or recover previous version of a rich text field/document

Is it possible to reverse an overwrite action (done by automation) on a rich text field? Or at least identify records which had versions/content prior to today?

I made a mistake in my automation definition and it caused a whole bunch of items to be overwritten. I would go an restore everything manually, but the I don’t remember which records had content before.

I wasn’t sure if there was an option to get a version list from the API for example, which would make my searching process much easier.

You can see the version history of any rich text field via the ‘clock’ symbol

and from there, you can revert changes.

Thanks for the tip @Chr1sG . That is what I did manually. However, I was wondering if thee is an api method of reverting to a previous version or even just getting a list/dates of previous versions for a document

Unfortunately, the API doesn’t allow you to query the history of an entity (or a document, which is effectively what a rich text field is)

Thanks again @Chr1sG

It would be really amazing to have access to entity history information through the API and through the automations and calculations, etc… It would open up a lot of interesting possibilities and drastically cut down on the number of helper databases that you need to create to track entity changes. It seems like a waste given that fibery already tracks this information :slight_smile:

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