Include new text as well as changed text in document history

Hi guys, I don’t think this is a limitation listed above, but another limitation I’d like to create a formal request for. As I know there is more cleanup / organization now on the board than in the past, for now I will leave it to @Chr1sG or @Oshyan (I think you have rights to do this too?) to create an actual separate request from what I wanted to point out:

I’d like to request that the Rich Text Description History also marks the initial entry of any content into a Rich Text Field. I was just noticing today in some older entities that I am going through that there is no entry in the Rich Text History when text is initially written into a Rich Text field. I found an entity that had a paragraph of text in its description. I wanted to see when that was written as the entity is over a year old. But the History only indicated the current time. So I assume that the History log only starts to register when changes are made to the first content entered?

This is another drawback for using Rich Text fields vs. Comments to update or ask questions around entities. With Comments, you always can see at a glance who wrote it, and when it was written. But without this improvement to Rich Text History, it would appear that initial content entered in Rich Text does not have either of those characteristics visible. This is another reason I am a big proponent of Index comments in search. For team communication and accountability, it’s really useful to see who wrote what, and when. One reason this is so important to my team is we are going more “all in” with Fibery and using it in place of Email and Slack, and it really has potential here, but some of these extra features around timestamps, etc. could get it a lot closer to being more complete in these areas.


Thanks @Chr1sG for setting up this new request! And I assume by virtue of you creating the request, that’s an acknowledgement as well of the issue with the Rich Text History I pointed out and that indeed currently you can’t see the date when initial content is posted in the history, just when it’s changed?

Thanks again!