CHANGELOG: July 30 / Documents and Rich-text History, HubSpot integration

Documents and Rich-Text History

Starting this week, rich-text Fields and Documents have version history:


Here are a few scenarios when version history can help (or even save the day):

  1. Somebody (Alex, you again!) has accidentally erased a significant part of your doc and you need to restore it.
  2. There is an unexpected paragraph and you’d like to find out who has added it.
  3. You rewrote a specification during an all-nighter — now you’ve sobered woken up and realized it’s all been a mistake and you should go back to v1.
  4. (please share your use cases with the community)

Here are a few limitations with the current document version history:

  1. Version history is disabled for docs synced from external tools (Intercom, Jira, Trello,…).
  2. A version is created automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. There is no way to create a new [named] version manually.
  3. When comparing two versions, we highlight only text changes — images/videos/formatting is simply taken from the latest version.

If some of these limitations bother you, please let us know.

HubSpot Integration

HubSpot integration syncs Companies, Deals, Contacts, Tickets, and Engagements into Fibery. You can use this data to connect work, user research sessions, calls, meetings, and requests to Companies and Contacts. All synced Types are below (11 Types are synced and connected, insane…)

Find the HubSpot app in the Apps → Integrations section and try to sync something.


I find named versions to be an indispensable tool – please consider supporting this!



I’ve created a separate request for this


Hey, very useful thanks !

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and the collaboration / transparency that takes place here with the users, the pace of update has been pretty high those past few months and there are not many B2B tools that share so much with their community (just look at Atlassian’s support boards ^^).

So a big thank you to the team, looking forward for the future of fibery (and on a shorter term, good holidays for those that are lucky enough to take some !)


Awesome!!! :partying_face:
Burning up the track with updates :racing_car::fire: :fire_engine: :fire_extinguisher:

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