Type Picker Customization

Is there a way to control what information appears, when you pick one type from another? You can see in the screenshot that I’m picking SOW from a Task. I can have various fields on the SOW entity since it’s a full fledged app. Can I add those other fields somehow, so they appear next to the name field to give the user more info?

Second, can I control what data is picked? For instance, if an SOW is not valid any longer, I would not want it to be pickable from the dropdown on a new task. I would want the pick dropdown to be filtered for Active = true.

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Yes great stuff here. I imagine as the Fibery instance grows it would be very useful to be able to filter what entities are available in various drop down, although this may be some work. Perhaps simply a right click while creating the relation field with a few options like “all, active” etc.?

I have noticed than when the related items appear at the “bottom” below the description, and I’m not sure but perhaps that is when they are a “collection”? - you can see more detail into each of the entity types. I would love to see the ability to even edit that info from within the “originating” entity, although I realize that may also require a good deal of dev work and be better suited for a later release.


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