Turn many entities into text

Is there a way to search within many linked entities. With a one-one relation I can use [entity].name in an automation. With a many-one relation it will only possible when I define the specific entity in the many-one. For example [entity].Sort().First().name, but I want to search within all linked entities.

Context in my case.

  • When an order (orderregel) comes in, I want to link a template automatically to create tasks automatically.
  • I want to be able to link more than one product to a template.
  • When the product in the order matches one of the products in the template database, it needs to get linked in order to trigger a second automation to create tasks.

I uses to use this formula. Where ‘Template - los product’ has a one - one relation. But since I want to update my relation (in the template database) from one - one to many - one I need to modify my solution. But changing product.name into products.name is not possible.

Anyone who can help me?

FieldName.join(Name, ", ")
will produce a comma-separated list of the names of all entities linked in a collection field.

Hi @Chr1sG

Tried to modify the solution but I think there is still a tiny hick-up

  1. Created a products list in the database.

  2. Updated my automation.

  3. But no template gets linked.

Can you see what I’m doing wrong here?

Assuming Products list is the list of names to search in, I think you’ve got the arguments for the Find function the wrong way around.

Yes! That was the problem. Previous the other way around was no problem, but now it was.

Thank you so much!