Trying to create a very simple CRM

I’m brand new to Fibery and trying to figure out, among other things, how I can construct a simple CRM. Right now I have 3 databases; Company Name, locations, and contacts. A company can have many locations, and a location can have many contacts.

When a new contact is added to the database, and the individual is associated with a company, I want the location (address) drop down to only return locations associated with the selected company, and not the entire locations database. Is this possible?

Hi, as far as I know, you cannot filter Locations. But you could give the companies a Location and then use a Lookup or Formula to set the same Location for a contact.

Assuming your relations are as follows,


Company → Contacts
Location → Contacts
Companies ←→ Locations

then you can add a relation filter to limit Locations to only those related to the Company the Contact belongs to:

Thanks @Chr1sG, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, but I’m confused on a couple of things. First, I remember seeing relationship diagrams like the one you posted when I played around with Fibery some time ago, but now mine just look like this:

When I attempt to build the filter like you do I end up with an empty results list, which I’m sure has something to do with my relationships. Where have I gone wrong?

Screen Recording 2023-09-26 at 8.04.27 AM

The map I showed is taken from the space page in the top right corner:

I assumed that the relation between Company and Location was many-to-many, but maybe not?
I also assumed that the relation between Contact and Location was many-to-one, am I wrong?

1 company to many locations
1 location to many contacts

Well, I have now reproduced your relations, and the relation filter works fine for me.


Can you provide screenshots/gifs for the Companies called Airebeam and Breezeline (or any Companies where the linked Contacts are not behaving the way you would expect). What Locations are they each linked to?

Ah! :laughing: I got it working by switching to your relationship structure, and then when I switched back to mine it still worked. I must have had something wrong that first time. Thanks for all your help!

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