Can't reach the proper context filter

Hi there,

I’m trying to reach entities via a context filter, but I can’t seem to figure out why I’m not able to.

We have a product database.

  • Products have a many → many relation with orders (so an order can have many products and products can have many orders)
  • Orders have a one → many relation with contact (so a contact, can have many orders, but an order can have one contact)

What I’m trying to do is show all contacts who have an order with this product.

With a lookup I have no problem to reach those contacts.

But when I try to reach it in a table view via a context filter I have a huge amount of options (the list goes on and on), but not this particular option.

What might be the cause? Offcourse I can make a complete workaround, to link those contacts via an automation directly to the product, but I want to avoid a much formula’s, automations, etc as possible.

Thanks in advance!


Does the ‘route’ you wish to take utilise only many-to-one or many-to-many relations?

Based on how I understand what you wrote, you’re trying to traverse from Contact via one-to-many (to Order) and then many-to-many (to Product)

This is between product and order

And this is between order and contact

Is the cause of not working because I have a one-many between order and contact instead of a many-one?

Looks like it.
You can possibly solve it by adding a lookup.

The lookup was already in place, but I’m still not able to reach it. So I think there is another cause, but I can’t figure it out yet.

In order to debug to found out why I can’t reach it, I have created some test databases with exact the same relations/lookups.

As it turns out, in the test setup it’s no problem at all.

Would it be possible for you the have a look in our space?
I have created this space with the 3 test databases. And I have these views to compare with each other, 3 are from our normal databases and 3 from the test database.

  • In this test product I can see the customer who have bought the product
  • But in this real product I can’t
    *The only difference is that in the real product I have a many-many relation with Contact and in the test setup it is a many-one
    *Therefor I have created an extra relation (called customers 2) to make shure this isn’t the cause of my problem. But it’s not.
    *These are test orders. These contacts should be linked in the real product.

Hope you know why it isn’t working cause I just can’t seem to found out why not.

Hi, Marloes!

I’ve set the needed filter for you. The issue is that filters with read-only fields are prioritized lower, despite the filter length, so it could be found in the middle of the enormous list.

It’s a UX issue, we need something like search here, I guess.

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@ihartrafimovich, you’re amazing!

I’ve been searching ln the enormous list, but was not able to find it. Had also made the assumption that it would be somewhere at the top of the list, since it is a fairly simple context filter.

A search would help enormously, since you often know what the field you want to use is called.

Thanks for now!