Total number of unread Notifications


In order to track notifications that I need to respond to, I’ll often set them as “unread.” Ideally I’d like to “star” them like in Gmail, or have some other more organic way to “save” those that need responding to, after they are actually read. However with the lack of such solutions, simply marking as “unread” is sufficient.

I find though I have trouble keeping track of how many I have unread. So I’d like to suggest a small addition of a total number of unread notifications in the Notifications area, around here:


Perhaps this could be part of an upcoming “Inbox” solution, that in a distant iteration in an ideal world might even include checklist items that need attention, if you guys decided to develop a more sophisticated extension for Checklists., which I was glad to see @oshyan bring up again here today.

This would also work well obviously with this request:

I noticed here we had some guidance re: release of some Notification improments:

so hoping this is not far off!


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While this is ultimately multiple requests (in the text/body), I definitely think an easier and shorter-term improvement would be the core/title feature request. So I just wanted to put some support behind that, adding a simple number indicator for how many unread notifications. :slight_smile:

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OK thanks. Yes, much to talk about re: Notifications, sorry got caught up highlighting some other big needs. Glad to get the support on this though!

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Big upvote for a unified Inbox that would include all notifications I subscribe to –

  • new messages
  • @mentions
  • updates to comment threads or
  • changes to entities that are being watched
  • newly-created entities in watched apps/DBs/smart folders
  • etc.

Could a smart folder do this??


Great to see support for all this, it is badly needed and hoping we will see more and more users trying to replace some typical Work Mgmt stuff with Fibery, in which case your list is essential.

And sorry I misunderstood over in the other thread, but appreciate the dialog all the same :slight_smile:

And by the way, I have posted the request to “watch” entities, which you cannot do right now:

Given how early-stage this is with Fibery still, could you please add a “heart,” as from what the team has said, each and every “heart” here in Discourse is counted, so you’ll go a long way to seeing the ability to “watch” developed sooner!

Thanks again!