[TOFIX] UI feedback speed with drag-and-drop in 'board view' is to slowly

I record a video to show how UI is slowly worked with drag-and-drop on the board with ~100 entites:

And now i tested dnd on a demo page with 500 entites (on the same computer):

Yes, this is not a perfectly smooth drag (on library demo), but much better than now in Fibery. Can Fibery achieve at least the same UI feedback speed?

For me personally, at the moment, this is the main obstacle to fully use Fibery as the main tool in the company and recommend it to other organizations.

My browser and device:

Google Chrome version 78.0.3904.97 (64 bit)

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@alex.mart We are going to look into it carefully next week. Such performance in unacceptable for sure.

We’ve improved it slightly, but not sure it is enough… @alex.mart