[TOFIX] Editing Text Fields is Slow / Laggy (Rich + Simple text)

This issue is intermittent, but correlated over time.

Essentially, when typing in rich text entries, and sometimes also in simple text entries, there’s a substantial lag in typing and the characters appearing. It’s somewhat understandable when it’s a reference, but in many cases this happens just when typing normal text (although I think it’s worse when there are many reference in the text).

I get this issue in all three browsers, and my internet is quite fast (no such issues in say Google docs, or anywhere else that I’ve noticed).

I’ve taken to writing up notes elsewhere and later pasting them in - works fine if the field doesn’t need to have many references, but this isn’t a workable solution if many references are there.

I believe this is worse with multiple people editing a doc at the same time. As mentioned, often times this isn’t a problem at all, and sometimes full seconds will pass before text appears on the screen. I don’t use Notion much, but I’ve heard similar complaints there.

We’ll take a look. Overall this problem causes awful user experience and definitely should be fixed.

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Thanks Michael.

Is this a known issue in general, or am I unlucky in facing it? It has even followed me over multiple computers and two Fibery accounts, but of course still could definitely be on my end.

Update: the worst of all was when using an entry designed for every day. For ease of navigation, I had set up an auto-relation to Yesterday and Tomorrow. I think this may have contributed to the horrible performance for that type. I’ve just removed the relationship (will live without the connection) and it’s a lot faster.

Of course there are still some slow times, and I think I’ve noticed another correlation: when more entities are referenced. But if this is fixed, this removes a bunch of pain.

I guess if we have say a year’s worth of days, and each is related to the next and previous, then the entire set is chained together. Could this cause a big lag in the rich text field? In some respects they’re unrelated, but I guess it’s mostly about what’s on the page.

One other small performance increase: when typing in full-width mode (“as view”), things were better than just as a pop-out.

I’ll be a bit more careful with relations from now on, but I’m glad it’s partially solved (I hope!)

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