Rich Text Data Loss

(Potentially related to Rich Text: Often stuck in Skeleton Loader State, but maybe not).

Yesterday I filled out a bunch of detail in a rich text field that previously only had a single line (from the day before). Then subsequently I wrote a plain text summary of the rich text in another field. Today, I opened the entity and the plain text summary was there, but the rich text had reverted to the single line from the day before. This was quite frustrating because I wanted to read over some details I had forgotten.

I thought I noticed this before, but wasn’t 100% sure. However in this case, because I don’t write the summaries before the rich text (and it was just yesterday) I am sure.

What do you see in the Activity View for the Entity? What do you see in the History View of the Rich Text?

  • Activity view has no reference to any rich text edits, its most recent entry is when I set the summary (nothing about the rich text edits before or after)
  • History of rich text simply shows no entry between the original single line, and when I rewrote it yesterday. I assume the sync to the server silently failed, but only for rich text

Hi @colman. I’m the guy from engineering team who loss hairs when read about customer’s data-loss in documents.
As Polina told me - you from [slight] workspace. I checked a logs and don’t see any related errors. Such silent failure scares me even more so let’s collect more input data.
Can you please share with me:

  • url to the entity and field name
  • browser (+ version)
  • some context… maybe you fill in the field right after laptop awake or saw some errors during the work or before it.
    I will try mental debugging and maybe add more logs to catch failure scenario :face_with_head_bandage:.

Btw, I think you can share private (personal) information in the Intercom chat :muscle:

Hi @vova, ah this error occurred on my personal Fibery instance, not the company one.

It was Safari 15.2 (17612. I’m now having a sync issue there, lasting for days (Having problem accessing Fibery - #4 by colman) so I’m moving to Chrome.

If it helps, the order would have been something like:

  • Write the rich text field
  • Fill out the summary field, and set some dropdown fields
  • Close the laptop soon after

So my guess is that the rich text sync was slow or not working well, even though the rest of the sync (to the simpler fields) was working. I guess that is sort of the same thing as Rich Text: Often stuck in Skeleton Loader State, in that the rich text sync is behind the rest of it.

@colman give me please your workspace name then. Will try to find something in logs.

Hi @Vova , I just messaged on Intercom