Tab/Indent in Rich Text Fields?

OK, I feel like I have to be missing something, but is there no way to tab/indent in a rich text field? If I try to use tab, it just wants to jump me to the next field if I’m at the database entry level, and if I “fullscreen” the field itself, then the tab key just gets picked up by the browser and tries to jump to the next input there.

The only way I’ve been able to do this is to literally copy and paste a “tab” character from outside…

For what its worth, if I’m in some kind of outline like checkboxes, or bullets, it works fine. But just typing plain old text, I just can’t seem to tab in…am I just missing something obvious or is this really not possible? Or hopefully a bug that can be taken care of relatively soon? Seems like an oversight…


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Anyone have any explanation or ideas here?