Tabular representation of relationships

Would it be possible to provide a view that presented entity relational information in a tabular form, e.g.
Also, I would love it if this representation supported many-to-many relationships (as indicated by the presence of Child 2 twice in column 2).
It would also be great if there were the usual sort/filter options for each column.

Obviously, it has some similarities to the current hierarchical list view, but I think it sometimes offers a better presentation of data, especially in cases where you don’t need to see a lot of field data for each entity.

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I would also like to see a more- “Table like” version of the List, so columns (fields) could be aligned.

Hierarchical Table view?

Some sort of paging is probably needed, and/or UI controls to open/close the children (as in H-lists).

@Chr1sG, have you played around with Airtable’s grouping? It doesn’t quite look like that, but can display groups of rows or groups within groups of rows, etc.

If fibery’s table view supported grouping and different layout options (list vs table), the List view would be less of a special thing.

One level of grouping:

Two levels of grouping:

Yes, the Airtable view is quite good, but it is really only showing rows in one table (equivalent to only showing entities of one type) and it doesn’t lend itself very well to representing many-to-many relations.

I feel like I need a view corresponding to navigating the nodes and edges of a graph database (irrespective of how it is implemented under the hood).

The closest I have come to the ideal solution is ‘matrix reports’ in Helix ALM (formerly Test Track).

Ah, I see. Yeah, you can group on items from another table, but you can’t show values associated with that very effectively.

I tried seeing if I could recreate what you depicted in Coda, and you can get close but the children that share multiple parents are treated as a separate row.

So, yeah this sounds like the hierarchical list, but supporting many to many relationships and using a table layout