Tab Views in Entity Pages

Apologies if this has already been suggested. I see several customizable entity items on the roadmap (pin views, relation views, hide fields), but I wanted to share the ideal upgrade for my use case.

Similar to tabs on a web browser or sheets on an excel workbook. I would love to be able to click on an entity and then organize the fields into tabs that makes sense, rather than everything being on one page. Especially for entities like a project, that have a lot of relationships. (Example tabs for my use case: project info / company relations / schedule and procurement).

Adding tabs to the list of entity upgrades already on the roadmap would be a huge upgrade to better organize the entities to more easily find the necessary information.

Agree! I mentioned something similar in a previous, broader feature request, but I think it deserves its own request, so thank you for creating it. :slight_smile: