Suggestion: 🛣 Canny or other alternative for roadmap/feature requests

Hi, I’m sure I’ll be just the first of my fellow esteemed power-posters in here to flag up the other mentions of this - very glad it is continuing to get support.

Here is the very first request I’m aware of on this subject:

Which led to a very spirited discussion, and I think a lot of additional support, in this thread, which granted was not initially about this topic (my fault as I started the tangent :slight_smile:). That tangent starts here:

You mention Canny, in fact I showed a screenshot of that being used to promote a Fibery integration on Integromat’s Canny board.

I actually plan to write a few more points about this as I owe @Chr1sG and @Oshyan, among others, responses, but on this subject. But just to address quickly re: Canny, I would propose the Fibery team continue on with Discourse and integrate a voting function that is on some other Discourse boards:

More to come from me on this subject, but really glad to see additional support!

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