Subfolders in products

When I add a product, it automatically creates a folder for it at the left side. I can add different things but no subfolder. That would be very useful, as e.g. documentation of a product (many wiki pages) belong to that product.

Hi, Andreas!
Well, in fact you can create a ‘subfolder’ for a child type as well. Turn it on here

As for the documentation - mostly doc, that belongs to a definite entity lives inside this entity as a Rich Text field (you can add as much, as you want :wink: )
And Documents, that are Views - maybe you can create a folder, inside a Product Folder (context view) and store it there?

Maybe I did not express correctly. Please have a look here - this is a listed product:

2020-07-22 15_47_42-Product _ Fibery

But as you can see, I can not add a subfolder.

Sorry, got you know.
Yes, that folders are still not there. We have a lot of things to improve about Context Views, and folders is one of it. But will think about it, maybe there is a ‘cheap’ way to develop smth like this :slight_smile: