Sort and filter on the Lookup field

I’ve created a Lookup field on a Meeting entity I have (the lookup is from tasks related to the group responsible for that meeting) but the tasks appear sorted in a kinda confusing way. I can rearrange them manually, but I’d like to know if there’s a way to set up the sort, just like in the views. Also if there’s a way to filter, so I can see only the tasks that haven’t been done yet…


Sorting and filtering is available on relation views, but not on formulas/lookups.
If there is a single group linked to the meeting, and if a task belongs to only one group, then you could use an automatic relation rather than a lookup (matching on group) and then sorting/filtering becomes available.

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Oh! I’ve just discovered now the possibility of having more than one visualization on the relation inside the entity:

That solved my problem!

Is this going to be implemented for formulas?